Men like to BBQ. No they don’t like it, they love it. So they are putting a lot of effort in creating that nice and tender chunk of meat that was probably more expensive than the remaining items in your basket. Well and the most of the times you eat herbs&spices butter and BBQ sauce along with it – right from the supermarket shelf.

What should I add to that? Isn’t that sad? You have this nice piece of meat and then you open a plastic wrapper and squeeze out some awkward looking piece of butter – without any taste.

So my friend Jenny as totally on the same page like me. She and her boyfriend are a real team when it comes to BBQ. She does the prep-work (“The Thinking”, he does the execution (think about it boys!).

No wonder she came up with that crazily simple herbs & spices butter. It is so easy, I am scared to call it a real recipe. So far I can promise you 100% that this is the most tasty and fantastic butter you tasted along with your meat.

Lasts for one BBQ Session with 4 People all having meat are not on a diet:

  • Half a pack of Butter
  • Any (2 or more) fresh herbs you find at home: Italian Parsley, Chives, Basil Leaves or any frozen package of herbs you find in your freeze
  • Small (!) Garlic Clove
  • Chili Powder Flakes
  • Pinch of Sea Salt

Take the butter out of the fridge a little bit in advance. It should be easy to work it with a fork.

Chop the herbs, peel the garlic and cut into pieces. If you are lazy just put some sea salt on the garlic and smash it with a knife. Thats the easiest way to get ground garlic.

Last  but not least put butter, spices, garlic, chili flakes, sea salt  into a bowl and mix it.

Pimp Proposal: Roast some real chilis in a pan and chop them into thin slices. Replace the dry chili flakes with it

No fresh herbs? just use herbs stored in the freezer.







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