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Rocket Cafe (Bangkok)

Food Hunts South East Asia Thailand Travellator

Nordic by Nature – Rocket Coffee Bar Bangkok On my last stay in Bangkok – which latest around 2 weeks in a row – I tried to explore places that are a bit off the regular tourist path. So one Saturday we did some research where [...]

Top 5 Australian Red Wines

Australia Do it yourself Travellator Wine

Well besides eating I also love drinking Wines. Enjoying a beautiful glass of wine is never wrong. I am not greedy when it comes to spending money on wine – actually –  I rather have no wine than a bad one. Which doesn’t mean [...]

Western Australia Perth, Margaret River & Fremantle

Australia Travellator Wine

The best way to prepare for a holiday in Western Australia is to go on serious diet upfront. Think about the time you need to digest a pure wine & steak diet for a couple of weeks. Despite this little downturn, I strongly recommend to give [...]

Weekend in Ho Chi Minh /Saigon (Vietnam)

South East Asia Travellator

When living in South East Asia, Weekend Getaways in various exotic destinations seem to be inevitable. So we decided to spend a nice long weekend in Ho Chi Minh – or Saigon – also known as that.  After this visit, Vietnam has made [...]


South East Asia Travellator

From my point of view, there are 4 main characters travelling the Maldives Honeymooners Divers People with too much money Retirees I can’t really imagine what else you could do on one of the many small islands. OK, yeah, making babies [...]

Sri Lanka in 5 Days

South East Asia Travellator

“Welcome my Friend” should immediately alert the experienced traveler to take care about your pocket. The internationally renowned word “My Friend” usually indicates that a mutual friendship with some complete stranger should invite you to give [...]