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Do it yourself

Parsnip Soup

Do it yourself Recipe

Most people don’t use parsnips in their regular diet, so do I. Once in a while do I like to break out from the regular soup range. Further to this, parsnip is a quite traditional and basic ingredient in our original kitchen. Most people [...]

Grilled Feta Cheese

BBQ Do it yourself

I am eating at least one package of Feta per week – I really love eating it as it can come in some many variations. One of my favourite ‘quick deal’ meal is grilled feta cheese. You don’t need a BBQ for this, you can also [...]

Pappardelle al Pomodoro

Dinner Do it yourself Recipe

This recipe was created by me on one of those days where you find out that your fridge is empty and contains only ‘student standards’ – Mozzarella, Tomatoes and (Maybe) Salad. You can simplify this recipe further leaving out [...]

Herbs & Spices Butter

BBQ Do it yourself Recipe

Men like to BBQ. No they don’t like it, they love it. So they are putting a lot of effort in creating that nice and tender chunk of meat that was probably more expensive than the remaining items in your basket. Well and the most of the [...]